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Agency Agreement Hst

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An agency agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms of a business relationship between two parties. Specifically, it details the responsibilities and duties of the agent and the principal – the individual or company who hires the agent.

In Canada, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a value-added tax that applies to most goods and services sold or provided in the country. Businesses that exceed a certain threshold of annual revenue must register for an HST account and charge their customers the applicable rate of tax on their transactions.

In the context of an agency agreement, the HST can be a significant consideration. Depending on the nature of the agency relationship and the services provided, the agent may be required to charge HST on their fees. This can have implications for both the agent and the principal, and it`s important to ensure that the agreement accurately reflects the relevant HST considerations.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when drafting or reviewing an agency agreement in relation to HST:

1. Determine the applicable rate of HST

The HST rate varies depending on the province or territory in which the transaction takes place. Make sure that you`re aware of the current rate for the relevant jurisdiction and that you incorporate this into the agreement.

2. Clarify who is responsible for HST remittance

Generally, the party who charges the HST is responsible for remitting it to the government. However, in certain situations (such as when the principal is a non-resident of Canada), the agent may be required to remit the tax on the principal`s behalf. Make sure that the agreement clearly specifies who is responsible for this.

3. Consider the impact of HST on pricing

If the agent`s fees are subject to HST, this should be factored into the pricing structure. The agreement should specify whether fees are quoted inclusive or exclusive of HST, and how any changes to the tax rate will be handled.

4. Ensure compliance with HST regulations

Both the agent and the principal have legal obligations when it comes to HST. The agreement should outline the responsibilities of each party with respect to compliance, including record-keeping and reporting requirements.

By including these considerations in your agency agreement, you can help to avoid misunderstandings or disputes related to HST down the road. It`s always a good idea to work with a lawyer or tax professional who can provide guidance on the specifics of your situation.

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